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05-25-2019 | 8:00 PM | PINEVILLE,NC  On Saturday May 25, 2019 about 8:00 p.m, Charlotte Fire Department received 911 calls for an “outside fire” at 824 Crump Road in Pineville, North Carolina. Upon arrival of the first fire unit a large mulch fire in a facility owned by Arborscapes Inc. Due the to nature of the fire and the distance between the main road, a fire hydrant and the area of the mulch, multiple additional fire units were requested to assist.

Under the command of Charlotte Fire Department Battalion Chief 5 assistance was requested for additional pumpers from Charlotte Fire Department, and additional pumpers and a tanker from Steele Creek Fire Department. The mulch pile was of pretty large diameter on the property of Arborscapres Inc.

According to Aborscapes Inc. website: They specialize in Landscape services, Tree Services, and irrigation. Multiple fire engines were supplied water to an aerial ladder truck. The only hydrant was near a Public Storage approximetly a quarter mile from the actual fire. Fire Engines made multiple trips filling up the 500-600 gallon tank of water on board and transporting down to the area of mulch.

Heavy machinery including bulldozers, bobcats, and an excavator were brought in to move the mulch pile around. According to a fire department source on scene, battling a mulch fire especially a large one is very difficultdue to the density of the mulch which traps fire and heat within. Without moving the mulch around it would be impossible for firefighters to extinguish the fire within.

At 10:45 p.m., multiple fire units were still on scene trying to bring the fire under control. Its unclear how the fire started or how long firefighters will be on scene trying to contain the fire.

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