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RAW VIDEO: Security Guard Injured, One Dead After Drive By Shooting - Paterson NJ (0 downloads)

08-22-2019 | 7:09 PM | PATERSON,NJ Two people were injured and one was killed after a drive-by shooting in Paterson, New Jersey Thursday night. The shooting happened on August 22, 2019 after a ShotSpotter Activation. Law enforcement sources say a A 25-year-old man was killed outside an apartment complex on Presidential Boulevard during a drive-by shooting. Sources say the three victims were outside the Riverview Towers when the shots rang out. The ShotSpotter activation registered 18 shots. Police recovered 15 out of the 18 shell casings. Sources say one of the victims wounded by gunfire was a security guard. The security guard was shot twice in the stomach and another victim was shot in the hip. No arrests have been made.

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