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12-7-2019 | 1:44 PM | FARMINGDALE,NY— O On Saturday 7, 2019 December at 1:44 p.m, a driver crashed into a Long Island Sandwich Shop injuring a 8 year old girl. The accident happened at 47-3 Boundary Avenue in Farmingdale New York.

The driver of the Gray Honda CRV went completely through the restaurant. Sources say the driver from Queens, New York realized the Honda was making weird noises as he pulled into the parking lot. The driver reportedly took his foot off the brake and the vehicle slammed into the store.

Fire officials confirm the 8-year-old girl was cut by flying glass when the SUV barreled through the entrance. The girl was reportedly sitting at a table enjoying lunch when the vehicle hit the table knocking it out of place.

Paramedics transported the child to a local hospital for treatment. Police say this was a tragic accident and no charges are likely to be filed.

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