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power outages

10-17-2019 | 12:00 AM | LONG ISLAND,NY A major coastal storm slammed the Long Island coast late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The storm also known as a “Bomb Cyclone” caused major damage across the entire coastal New York peninsula. A building in Amityvllle, New York on County Line Road was no match for the power winds.

The building at 235 County Line Road which was scheduled for demolition crumbled to the street below after winds of over 60 miles per hour hammered the area. Amityville Police Department confirmed the collapse at the building also took down utility poles and scattered bricks and debris across the road.

This monster storm caused thousands of residents to lose power as tress came down on power lines. Suffolk County Police responded to over a dozen calls for downed trees and wires including an incident on Baylis Avenue in Melville. Two trees came down making Baylis Avenue completely impassable for motorists.

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