tornado damage caught on tape

02-06-2020 | 2:18 PM | CHARLOTTE,NC— On Thursday February 6, 2020 at approximately 2:18 p.m an EF-1 Tornado hit Charlotte, North Carolina. The Tornado with maximum winds of 95 MPH caused damage spanning 17 miles.

The twister traveled from Pineville, North Carolina and continued in an eastward direction to Matthews, North Carolina. The “freight train” like storm uprooted trees and damaged anything in its path. An Industrial Park in Pineville, North Carolina saw a wide area of damage including tress snapped like twigs, and roofs and walls from warehouse building tore down.

An event this big this time of year is very unusual said National Weather Service Meteorologist Trisha Palmer. Officials with the National Weather Service said once the twister touched down it lifted up and then dropped back down several times over the 17 miles.

Weather officials said the EF-1 Twister marked 2nd in the record books for the month of February in Mecklenburg County. The last time an EF-1 tornado of this magnitude hit the Mecklenburg County area was on February 18, 1960.

Weather officials say it could take 2 to 4 weeks to get all of the trees cleaned up in the 17 miles of damage.

No was was injured or killed after the EF-1 Tornado came to an end.

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